Smelly Inks – Yes, we’re totally serious.

The Snozzberries smell like Snozzberries! How exciting is that? You know you want them, we do! Scents we currently offer:  Angel Dust (Floral Musk, Vanilla) Mama Mia (Italian Herbs with a top note of Oregano)  Awake (Coffee) Mud slide (Milk Chocolate)  Awaken (Fresh Linen) Mystic Woods (Cedar)  BBQ (Sweet smoky mesquite and Hickory Blend) Ocean […]


A wetdown is a celebration by fire departments where firefighters from neighboring towns celebrate (party!) a new fire truck by hosing it (and others) with water from their trucks. A new fire truck is a huge celebration planned and budgeted for. A wetdown is a ritual celebrated by many volunteer fire departments in the United […]